There are no uniform rules for buying jewelry, much depends on preferences, taste, and financial possibilities. However, we have collected recommendations from experienced jewelers and will give them to you.…

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Wearing unnecessarily defiant jewelery into the office is the height of vulgarity. You need to know how to combine products, how to choose kits for everyday wear and what to…

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Five decorations for a seaside holiday: what do we take with us? Believe, five products will be more than enough. As a rule, of all the jewelry that a woman…

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It is not as easy to choose jewelry for the ears, and especially if we are talking about children’s earrings, as it may seem at first glance. The question of which type of lock is better to buy earrings, deserves close attention – after all, an unsuccessfully selected clasp can cause loss of jewelry or damage the delicate skin of the ear and neck. We will understand what types of locks for earrings are preferable.

What are the locks for earrings
Everywhere there are the following types of locks:
· English;
· French;
· Italian
· Puseta;
· Bracket;
· a loop;
· Hook;
· Ring.

There are also earrings without a lock (in the general sense of the word). They are passed through a hole in the ear lobe and are a thin chain, usually with a stone.

At the heart of the English earring lock is a spring mechanism. The clamp is located at the end of the fastener. It is passed through the lobe and enters the hole at the top of the bow.

This design is reliable. Quite often, an English castle is used for expensive jewelry. These include, for example, gold earrings with diamonds or other precious stones.

Clamp works on earrings with English lock with sound. Undo or remove the product without the knowledge of the hostess will not succeed.

Convenience and reliability are undoubted advantages of jewelry with the English type of lock. However, there are downsides. It is not recommended to take such earrings without fitting – they are fixed. If the lobe is small and thin, the decoration may outweigh. And, on the contrary, when the ear is wider, wearing earrings will not work.

The French castle works like this: the bow bends, goes down to the beginning of the lobe, to the safety ring and enters it. No clamps are provided.

Wearing earrings with a French lock does not cause discomfort. The clasp is easy, just open it. Quite often, it is equipped not only adults, but also children’s products.

From the negative sides it can be noted that the elegant fastener is easy to damage. French lock earrings are not left overnight and are not worn during outdoor activities.

The second name of the Italian castle – clip. It was obtained due to the external similarity of the product with a clip.

Despite this, the principle of operation of these two fasteners is not the same. In the case of the clip, the metal is attracted to the magnet. And in the Italian castle uses a threaded rod, which is screwed into the hole on top of the bow. Losing such earrings is almost impossible.

The Italian fastener is notable for its convenience. The product is easily adjustable to the width of the ear lobe and the weight of the earring (important when using gems or Swarovski crystals for decoration, as in the photo).

Of the minuses it can be noted that you can not sleep in earrings. Otherwise, the lock will “become loose” and fail.

Puseta or stud earrings
The lock is a pin, threaded into the lobe, and a blocker. There are two options for fasteners – screw and pin. In the first embodiment, the pin is screwed onto the thread, and in the second case, there is a special notch on the pin, due to which the clamp is fixed.

This type of lock is universal. The stud earrings are worn to complement the casual look and suit a variety of clothing styles. The clasp is adjustable for any thickness of the lobe, so products of this type are available for adults and children of any age.

However, the sharp ends of the lock pins of the jewelery make it uncomfortable during sleep. Another disadvantage is that the miniature blocker is easy to lose.

This type of castle is the most ancient of all known. Now it is practically not used. Earrings with this clasp were worn by Egyptian pharaohs. Once products were an indicator of high status.

Jewelers call this type of lock Svenza. The fastener is mobile. It is inserted into the lobe and secured on the reverse side. The lock is fixed with a small metal ball.

Lock-clamp does not cause inconvenience during operation. This type of fastener products can withstand the weight of a fairly massive earrings. However, a neat and thin lock requires special delicacy in circulation – it can be deformed.

A loop
In the earrings with lock-loop uses the principle of balance. The metal clasp is bent on the back side of the lobe, and the mass of metal holds the facial composition in an aesthetic position.

Most often silver-looped earrings. The fastener does not have a high degree of reliability, therefore it is rarely used on expensive gold products.

The end of the loop should not be pointed. Otherwise, he will prick his neck and cling to clothes and hair.

The decoration is easy to take off and put on. The loop does not look massive, so it is most often used on ornaments with pendants.

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