Wedding rings: paired or ordinary?
Pair wedding rings or ordinary to choose for their wedding newlyweds? And is it really important for the essence of the marriage ceremony? titov Dmitry, Perhaps, these questions, like…

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There are no uniform rules for buying jewelry, much depends on preferences, taste, and financial possibilities. However, we have collected recommendations from experienced jewelers and will give them to you.…


When choosing a gift for a wedding anniversary, consider the taste preferences and desires of the spouse. Win-win is jewelry. However, if you find it difficult to choose a product…

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Jewelry stores offer multi-item catalogs with products, among which it is very difficult to choose the desired jewelry. From the kaleidoscope of bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants literally dizzy. What…

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Which ring to choose

If you are ready to buy a wedding ring, it means that you have already decided how much you can spend on it, and you know what the chosen one prefers. It remains only to plunge into the abyss of beauty and brilliance of diamonds, to find out which option to prefer. It is traditionally considered that the cost of the jewelry symbol of matrimonial bonds should be equal to 2-3 salaries of the groom. However, this is just a convention.

There are no strict rules, so everyone prefers a wedding ring decorated with sapphire, ruby ​​and other equally magnificent stones, the design of which they like and the price of which is commensurate with the financial capabilities of the person marrying.

The only thing you need to consider is that the beloved will be worn every day. That is, if you want something extraordinary, use the opportunity to purchase special wedding rings that you will exchange with the bride during the marriage ceremony.

To ring your darling like
It does not matter whether additional rings will be purchased for the most solemn moment or not, and you will definitely need to buy wedding rings.

So, to get to the top ten with a choice, you need:

find out what style prefers sweetheart;
find out what she likes more: diamonds or other precious stones;
find that exclusive ring.
Darling, I will give you this star!
Of course, you are ready for this, only try to find out as delicately as possible with what kind of decoration you can hit your future wife. And to get a surprise, you must act very carefully. Involve not only your intuition and observation, but also listen to the advice of relatives (mother, sister, aunt) and the bride’s friends. If you know for sure that a girl loves jewelery made of gold (white, yellow, etc.), direct all your efforts and attention to the search for an exceptional ring made from this precious metal.

A single diamond will decorate any solemn ring!

An elegant classic has never failed, so if you are sure that a diamond bracelet will surely make an impression, look for that ring, which, in your opinion, she will like. You already asked her friends and even casually looked into her jewelry box, right?

One of the win-win options is an engagement ring with a diamond / s, the design of which contains rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topazes, etc. They not only highlight the beauty of the “main” stone, but also add originality to the decoration. In addition, it is possible to vary the purchase of other jewelry in the future to the wedding ring.

The flawless classic version is the Trilogy Rings wedding ring, decorated with three diamonds, symbolizing the past, present and future. According to the jewelry tradition in the design of such rings most often I use the same size round-cut stones.

If you know for sure that the girl likes the design of vintage jewelry, consider buying a vintage wedding and / or wedding ring, etc.

The ring that you will order for yourself should be combined with the wedding ring of the chosen one. Since the sets of rings for the wedding (wedding + wedding) are now very popular and are presented in a variety of styles, if the budget allows, you can choose whatever you like.

About differences designation samples of gold
The table of carats and the percentage of pure gold in the product In the territory of the countries of the former USSR, as in many European countries, the gold sample is determined by using the metric system. And this means that the first two figures reflect the percentage of pure precious metal in the jewelry alloy. For clarity: in its 750th gold, it is 75%.

But in Italy, for example, as well as in the UK and the USA, they use a carat system, so you need to remember that a sample of 24 carats corresponds to absolutely pure gold. The most frequent samples of the carat system are 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 k, as well as 18 and 22 k.

The most popular gold samples are “our” 585th. Its equivalent in the karat system is the 14th. The 750th corresponds to the 18-carat, and the 958th sample – the 23-carat.

This diamond is for her!
When buying a diamond ring, of course, first of all, you should think about what exactly the ring you choose will be able to please your future spouse. That is, about her preferences and dreams, which you can realize within your wedding budget.

If we talk about the choice of a stone, then it is important to pay attention to five main criteria:
the shape
Cut and shape
The type of cut affects the “play” of light reflected by a beautiful stone, demonstrating its brightness. In the description of the diamond, usually, the type of the shape and the type of cut are indicated. There are quite a lot of forms: there are round, oval, pear-shaped, heart-shaped, etc. There is something to choose from, but it is considered to be a classic option to consider a round cut.

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Jewelry stores offer multi-item catalogs with products, among which it is very difficult to choose the desired jewelry. From the kaleidoscope of bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants literally dizzy. What…