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Alluring moon metal glare: silver jewelry and everything about them

Mysterious, enticing, seducing with moon highlights and possessing a mysteriously magical force of attraction … Yes, all this is about, perhaps, the most mystical and universal metal on the planet – about silver.

Silver Bars If you admire the beauty of silver jewelry, wear them with pleasure or simply choose an ornament from this precious metal, our new article will undoubtedly be useful for you! In it we will tell about silver, its features and the place of this metal in the jewelry world of beauty and brilliance. We promise, it will be interesting!

The largest nugget of silver was found in Ontario (Canada). Its length is about 30 m., And the total weight of pure silver obtained from the nugget was 20 tons. It is noteworthy that the giant, who was called the “silver sidewalk”, was immersed in the earth to a depth of 18 meters, where it was found in the XX century.
The undisputed favorite and undisputed No. 1 in terms of silver mining is Peru. In addition to this country, lunar metal is also actively mined in Mexico, Australia, North Korea and Chile.
Oxygen does not oxidize silver (contrary to popular belief). Due to the presence of this property, silver and belong to the number of noble metals. Silver oxidation is often called the process of coating a metal with a sulphide film, due to which it darkens, but this is an incorrect statement.
Silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity. It is a very ductile metal that melts only at a temperature of at least 962 ° C.
Moon metal is ideal in terms of processing. It is easy to twist, polish, pull, or roll out, making it the thinnest plate. For example, in order to get a thin wire, the length of which will be 2 km., You will need only 1 year of silver.
Silver in the jewelry industry
Silver jewelrySilver is the ideal metal for making jewelry. Because of its plasticity and beauty, this metal allows the master to show all his imagination, talent, professionalism and create true masterpieces. The only drawback of silver is that the metal is soft enough in nature and gentle. Accordingly, jewelery that was made of pure silver cannot boast of a long period of service.

In order to “prolong life” to silver jewelry masterpieces, craftsmen add copper to the metal, which makes the product more durable and durable. But this is not the only “trick” that jewelers use to improve silver jewelry. Further – in more detail about innovative methods!

Rhodium silver
In order to give silver a bright shine, it is covered with precious white rhodium. Thanks to this coating, the silver product becomes more resistant to damage and corrosion, and its luster persists for many years, resembling a noble platinum shine.

Silver matting
In order to impart absolute dullness to silver, jewelers piece by piece create microroughness on a perfectly flat surface of the product. This is done through a special emulsion, which creates a similar visual effect.

Silver oxidation
Thanks to this method, silverware gains vintage charm and “aged” charm. It represents the processing of silver with sulfur, the coating of the product with such a metal and special polishing, which gives a visual relief to the finished decoration.

Blackening silver
Used to give a black gloss to a silver-white metal in nature. In order to give such an original color to the product, it is coated with an alloy of copper (black), lead and silver sulfide. Such a coating is applied to the engraved surface of the product, due to which so original and alluring-black patterns appear on it.

Gilding silver
In fact, it is a coating of a silver product with a thin layer of gold. This is done with an aesthetic goal (products look expensive and noble), as well as to enhance the protective properties of the metal and protect the jewelry from corrosion.

Silver is a versatile metal. It is ideal for men and women of all ages and nationalities, it is wonderfully combined with precious and semi-precious stones, and is also inexpensive (in comparison with other precious metals). For this we love him, and you?

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