Five decorations for a seaside holiday: what do we take with us? Believe, five products will be more than enough. As a rule, of all the jewelry that a woman…

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How did Carl Faberge create a jewelry empire?
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How to wear a titanium necklace? Care for titanium jewelry.

Titanium necklaces are becoming more popular because of the strength of the chain, as well as the huge fashionable possibilities that they offer. Some hot celebrities wear titanium, and you can look stylish without spending a lot of money.

Look for different styles.
The choice of titanium chains is very large. When you are going to buy a necklace, pay attention to the weaving.
How to wear a titanium necklace
There is a denser and freer weaving.

If you have long hair, pay attention also to the necklace clasp – some more dense clips can hook your hair.
When you choose a denser chain, it can also make it easier to add a lot of pendants.
They can be made from titanium, silver, leather and contain a wide variety of gemstones.

This is your chance to add some uniqueness to a regular chain.
Titanium jewelry comes in two colors. You can choose silver or black.
The choice will be based solely on your preferences. There are also chains that combine both colors for an unusual look.

Wearing a titanium necklace.
One of the most popular ways to wear a titanium necklace is as a necklace. This is a small necklace that clasps in the back and fits to the neck.
When you put on a low-cut blouse, this allows the piece to be fully visible.
Choosing a variety of pendants for a necklace, you can wear titanium both everyday and for special occasions.

As you wear your jewelry, they will inevitably scratch with time. Despite the fact that this metal is very reliable and resistant to damage, it is not completely protected from scratches.
That is why you should remove titanium rings and other jewelery when participating in events where there is a risk of knocking or damaging them.
If your ring contains other metals, such as gold or platinum, avoid wearing it when you are in the shower or in the pool. Chlorine in the water can damage these metals.

The combination of titanium with other jewelry.
There are many different types of titanium jewelry. You can pick up titanium bracelets and rings to the chain.
Many of them may have the exact same weave to provide you with a complete set.

Wearing a titanium necklace If you buy all this at the same time in the same jewelry store, you have more chances to make sure that they match each other perfectly.

Pay attention to the colors. The right combination is important.
Titanium can be combined with silver jewelry. It can also look great with jewels that contain black onyx.
The only jewels with which it does not combine are yellow and pink gold.

Who can wear titanium?
Since there are two types of titanium (silver and black), there is no one who cannot wear it. It fits all skin tones.
It is more important to focus on the right pendants than to worry about the chain. Just as any person can wear silver, white gold and platinum, the same can be said about titanium.

When choosing a titanium necklace, decide whether you want to wear the chain alone or will also carry pendants with it. Your gem is always a good choice.
Otherwise, take your time and try on a few different stones to see how they look with your skin tone. Light skin tones can look great with emeralds and sapphires, while topazes and cubic zirconias suit darker tones.

Titanium necklaces are sold all over the world, which gives you another option when it comes to finding a good style for any outfit.
How to care for titanium jewelry?
Titanium is one of the most durable metals from which jewelery can be made. Here are some tips to help you clean your titanium rings or other jewelry and take care of them.

How to care for titanium jewelry? You can clean your jewelry in three simple steps:
1. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and add some dishwashing liquid.
2. Soak your titanium ring or other jewelery in the solution for 5 minutes, and then remove the dirt from the products with a soft cloth.
3. After that, rinse them with water and wipe with a clean towel (if you leave the titanium jewelry just to dry in the air, they may form stains).

Titanium can also be cleaned with ammonia (you can use a wiper that contains ammonia), or jewelry cleaning solutions sold in stores.
You can put titanium in an ultrasonic cleaner. However, keep in mind that it is not recommended that the metal parts of the product be in contact with the hard surface of the ultrasonic device during cleaning.
One solution is to hang the rings and other products on a rubber-insulated hook, then lower the hanging jewels into the cleaning fluid so that they do not touch the bottom of the container.

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