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Tips on how to wear a sapphire ring.
Sapphires are highly desirable gems that are valued for their intense dark blue hue. This stone is a kind of corundum mineral.While blue pieces are the most popular, sapphires can…


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Tips on how to wear a sapphire ring.

Sapphires are highly desirable gems that are valued for their intense dark blue hue. This stone is a kind of corundum mineral.While blue pieces are the most popular, sapphires can be found in all colors except red. Jewelery with sapphire convey its stunning and endless beauty.
Cheaper than a diamond, but no less beautiful.
Sapphire – the official stone, corresponding to the September zodiac sign.

Popular with Princess Diana and her stunning blue sapphire engagement ring, this bright gem remains the preferred gem for both professional and casual collectors.

How to wear a sapphire ring?
However, the desire to possess a sapphire ring covers not only those who were born in September or are going to get engaged in the near future.

Second after diamonds in terms of durability, sapphires are ideal for rings and bracelets, as they withstand everyday wear.
Sapphires are more affordable than diamonds, in addition, the sapphire ring radiates unsurpassed sophistication.

Sapphire and versatility.
The sapphire ring is one of the most versatile jewelry that is worn regardless of the event, dress or color of the manicure.
Just as the clothes of classic blue color are elegantly combined with most other colors, sapphire blue can be worn with almost any color in your wardrobe.

Sapphires have an excellent rating on the hardness scale, second only to diamonds. The gem is resistant to chipping, scratching and cracking.
In addition, it is very resistant to heat, light and chemicals.

These factors make it ideal for everyday wear without any disruptive consequences.
Rings and styles. A ring with blue sapphire
There is no shortage of style selection. Framing can be made from yellow gold, white gold or platinum.

The shape of the stone can be round, oval, pear-shaped, square or oblong; and the size ranges from large to small.
The more facets present in the stone, the stronger it will shine.
The stone can be installed separately or in combination with other stones, and the jewelry can contain one or more sapphire. The choice should reflect your personal taste and style.

If you prefer a discreet look, a small single stone surrounded by tiny diamonds may be your choice.
If your style is more daring, you will enjoy a large sapphire in the center of a dazzling, rich frame. There are no established rules – it all depends on what you like.

How many rings to wear?
If you prefer to combine several jewelry, consider first a ring with sapphire. A large sapphire and alone without much effort looks great.
If possible, wear a ring on the ring finger of your right hand. If it is medium in size, choose the second smaller.

A terrific choice would be semi-precious opal; its opaque, iridescent and slightly marble look will be perfectly combined with a contrasting clear and deep blue sapphire.
A small emerald will also harmonize well with sapphire; Green and blue are both cold colors.

How to care for sapphire? For a two-color blue effect, blue topaz and sapphire will play against each other, and the blue look will be very attractive.
Try to wear only one additional ring next to sapphire, otherwise its exciting fleur will be lost in too many surrounding products.

Regardless of the style of decoration that you choose, an attractive, rich, royal blue sapphire will add elegance to any ensemble from your wardrobe.
How to care for sapphire?
Sapphires themselves usually do not require significant care, but dirt still accumulates on the stone and around it after frequent wear.

To remove contamination from your jewelry with sapphires, no special jewelry cleaners or polishes are needed. Enough warm water to cover the product, and a small amount of degreasing detergent.
Here is a basic guide for preserving the brightness of your sapphire:
Make sure that there are no additives in the soap in the form of moisturizers or abrasives, as they can leave a residue on the stone.
Gently chat the jewels in soapy water and let them soak for 10-20 minutes depending on the contamination.
If necessary, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean out hard-to-reach places, such as under a stone or around a frame.
Rinse with warm water and wipe with a dry, soft cotton cloth. If the stone still looks cloudy, you can repeat the process by replacing the soap solution with an ammonia or vodka solution.
If you do decide to use a jewelry cleaner, make sure it is safe to use for sapphires and most other popular gemstones, as well as most metals used in jewelry.

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