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The popularity of necklaces and necklaces increased several years ago and is kept at a high level. According to the estimates of fashion designers and designers, these accessories will be in trend for a long time. The high demand for necklaces and necklaces is easily explained: the many options for these jewelry allow fashionistas to easily create the desired image and highlight their appeal. But a rich choice gives rise to many questions, one of which is with what to wear a necklace and necklace. Let’s try to figure it out.

In general, the already thin line between the necklace and the necklace was worn out, thanks to the efforts of jewelers. The necklace is characterized by the presence of a heavy and large decorative element located in the center of the composition. But modern models may not have a similar difference. Therefore, we will talk about how to wear a necklace, but the tips will suit necklace fans.

Bold ideas for wearing necklaces and necklaces
Experiments of world designers are so bold that their decisions are astounding an unprepared person. Could you imagine that a large necklace can be combined with denim clothing?

With what to wear a necklace and necklace Meanwhile, this is a new trend that you can try. The main rule – the decoration should not be very massive and long. The central part of the necklace should be at the level of the collar, that is, a short necklace on the neck is perfect. It is important to achieve a combination of colors. If the fabric is dark, choose a necklace with stones of pink, white or emerald colors. If the denim is light, then stones of both contrasting and light colors will do.

Another unexpected trend is the addition of a sports look with a necklace. It turns out that world designers have decided that this accessory perfectly combines with a sweatshirt, sneakers and sneakers. Their ideas were picked up by women of fashion, and now no one will claim that this combination is wild. If you like experiments, try this option. No rules and countless combinations.

The shirt and T-shirt also became a field for experimentation of designers seeking to combine the incompatible. If you choose a necklace or a necklace of neutral color, and even better – in tune to these items of clothing – you will get an unusual image that can emphasize the femininity of the lover of informal clothes.

Necklace and necklace in a classic way
What to wear with a necklace and a necklaceIf you are going to wear a massive necklace made of natural stones, and if you prefer clothes from wardrobe items, you need to be extremely careful. The wrong choice can spoil the whole image and turn you from a charming woman into a vulgar gypsy. In this case, the best dress is a simple cut. It is best to combine with a concise outfit.

Try not to overload the created image with excessive femininity and colors, especially in this regard, a necklace of gold. Remember the rules of combinations: a necklace of the same tone fits to a monochromatic dress, and a necklace fits to a colorful one, emphasizing one of the colors.

A spectacular image can be created if the accessory is combined with an ornament of clothes. For example, a pearl necklace goes well with a polka-dot dress.

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