How are diamond cut types classified
Cutting is one of the most important quality characteristics of a diamond. Therefore, it is very important to know which types it is classified in order to make the best…

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How are diamond cut types classified
Cutting is one of the most important quality characteristics of a diamond. Therefore, it is very important to know which types it is classified in order to make the best…


Girl's best friends are diamonds
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How to combine jewelry trends with winter outfits
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There are no uniform rules for buying jewelry, much depends on preferences, taste, and financial possibilities. However, we have collected recommendations from experienced jewelers and will give them to you. The information provided will save you from unnecessary expenses and disappointments.

The quality of jewelry – above all
In our world to buy a fake is the easiest. Even the customers of some large boutiques are not protected from such trouble. How to determine that a piece of jewelry corresponds to the declared value?

Weigh your favorite accessory in your hand. You do not need to determine its weight to within grams, but one fact should be alerted: the size of the jewelry clearly does not correspond to its weight. In other words – a massive ring with a stone in hand is almost not felt. This suggests that the product is hollow. Yes, it can be made of precious metals and costly. However, hollow jewelry easily bend, break, and repairing them (if it is possible at all) can cost a ton.

Ask the seller to show you the nominal and the sample. The name list is a sign of a trading house or a jewelry workshop, which is located to the left of the test. If you buy a piece of gold or other metal jewelry made by a foreign manufacturer, there may not be a name tag. But even in this case, in its place an identification mark will be affixed, indicating that the product has been tested by the Russian Chamber of Trial Supervision. No identification marks? Say goodbye to the seller – most likely, in front of you is a fake or a product imported into Russia illegally.

Pay attention to the fastening of precious stones. Even if you are far from jewelry, but the mount seems to be unreliable – most likely it is. If you are mistaken, then the inner feeling will spoil the whole process of enjoying the acquisition. Why is fixing gems so important? First, the repair of products with stones is more expensive. Secondly, the Russian law prohibits the return of products with at least one gem. That is, if the mount of the stone breaks – you can not make a complaint to the seller.

The seller says that the high cost of the product is due to the presence of high quality stones, and doubts gnaw you? Check the veracity of the seller can, if you pay attention to a number of signs.

Gemstone color
This is the first factor affecting the cost of jewelry. Bring it to the light source and try to estimate the color depth. The more transparent, more intense and richer it is – the higher the cost of the stone. In contrast, dark colored stones have a lower cost.

Gem clarity
This is the second factor by which you can determine whether a product is consistent with the declared value. The most expensive are pure stones without inclusions. To see this, look at the surface from above. The stone has no inclusions? So before you, really, an expensive product. The blotches are noticeable, but only when viewed from the side? The cost of jewelry is not affected. Jewelry with pure red tourmaline or emerald will be the most expensive. These gems have impregnations and internal defects almost always and, if they are not present, it means you have a product of the highest class.

Carat stone
The third factor affecting the cost. Carat is a measure of the weight of gems that may have different densities. Accordingly, the higher the density, the more weight the jewelry has, which means that the cost will be higher. Moreover, some large-sized stones are rare, therefore, they are more expensive. This is especially true of ruby, emerald and sapphire.

Stone cut
The fourth factor, which can also affect the quality of the stone and the price of the entire jewelry. To check the cut – put the stone with your desired side up and send a beam of light on it. A gemstone with a high-quality cut is illuminated over the entire area of ​​the side evenly, without darkening areas. If in doubt, compare different types of cut and choose a product whose stone reflects the color better.

Rules for choosing jewelry as a gift
If you choose jewelry for women – you need to know some rules that will help not to be mistaken.

If you choose a ring, consider the shape of the woman’s hand. A miniature brush, and thin fingers – it is more appropriate to make a choice in favor of thin rings, decorated with small stones or even loose. On the contrary, massive rings look more harmoniously on large hands and full fingers.

If you can not choose a chain or pendant – consider the age of the person giving and the shape of her chin. For older women with a large chin, a long chain is well suited, but a young woman with a high neck is better to choose a necklace or a short chain.

If you choose earrings – you need to take into account the shape of the face of your darling. Flat earrings visually lengthen the oval of the face, and large and convex, on the contrary, round.

Which ring to choose
If you are ready to buy a wedding ring, it means that you have already decided how much you can spend on it, and you know what the chosen one…


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