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Jewelry stores offer multi-item catalogs with products, among which it is very difficult to choose the desired jewelry. From the kaleidoscope of bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants literally dizzy. What to choose?

What jewelry is relevant in 2019?
European designers thoroughly prepared for the year 2019 and created a mass of unique collections of jewelry for every taste. However, fashion gurus have already identified the main fashion trends in this segment.

Here are the basic rules:

1. Silver jewelry is more relevant than gold. In addition to silver, jewelry steel is actively used in its products, which is not inferior to precious metal in elegance and soft gloss.

2. In the fashion sparkling stones. Particular attention should be paid to products decorated with Swarovski crystals. They are gaining popularity.

3. As before, the most gentle and feminine gem – pearls – remained in fashion. Not only classic shades of pearls in jewelry are relevant, but also completely provocative – blue, turquoise, bronze, lilac.

When choosing an accessory for yourself or as a gift, you should pay attention not only to the requirements of a capricious fashion girlfriend, but also to the features of your appearance. For example, long earrings will suit owners of a long neck, and other ladies should stay on other products.

What products in 2019 at the peak of popularity?
You probably have heard the theory that fashion is cyclical. Something that was fashionable many years ago will definitely return to the pedestal after some time. This is happening now. This you can see for yourself.

So, in the words of Lyubov Prokofyevna in the episode to the movie “Office Romance”, where she came up with current trends from the secretary Verochka, what are they wearing now?

In 2019, the classic pearl string is still relevant. Pearl necklaces are worn with almost any clothing. A variety of design allows them to be combined with strict elegant dresses, light shirts and jeans, as well as with other styles and textures. Masters use stones of unusual color and additional decorative details made of metal and sparkling crystals in necklaces.

Pearls are also relevant here. In the fashion of the classic shades of this stone, as well as completely unusual – lilac, green, bronze. The design also uses sparkling crystal elements and exclusive details in the form of flora or fauna. These bracelets attract attention and perfectly complement the image of fashionable women.
In 2019, long earrings with pearls or sparkling precious and semi-precious stones are particularly relevant. They look particularly impressive with a short haircut or a high hairstyle. However, as mentioned above, not all women can boast a long neck for such jewelry. For such ladies, capricious fashion has prepared a bonus – pearl earrings. These can be earrings-studs or products of other shapes and styles.
A variety of pendants on thin chains are back in fashion in 2019. However, it was not without conditions. The suspension should be voluminous, elongated, falling to the chest. The design itself is almost irrelevant. Relevant jewelry, decorated with sparkling stones or all the same delicate and delicate pearls.

The most popular in 2019 are silver rings with stones and a cunning plexus. We can say that two extremes are used – the ring should be either classic with a stone, or completely unimaginable in design. These jewels are also complemented by sparkling crystals and pearls.
In our opinion, he coped most fully with the task of creating truly relevant collections of jewelry brand Rivoli. This is not surprising, because the birthplace of the company Rivoli is a famous trendsetter – France.

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