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What is the best frame for a diamond ring?

When buying a diamond ring, you need to choose not only a diamond, but also a frame that will both decorate and hold it. Choosing the best frame for your diamond is almost as important as the choice of the stone itself.

To choose the best frame, you need to consider in more detail the main characteristics and features of each.
Rim metal.
The choice of metal for the rim comes down not only to what color you would prefer, but also to how durable. How to choose the right frame for diamonds will be your ring.

Platinum is a popular choice for people who want a white ring that is resistant to wear. However, this metal is also one of the most expensive.
White gold is also a good choice if you want a metal that is as white as platinum, but not as expensive.

This material is slightly less durable, and white gold needs to be re-plated with rhodium every few years in order to restore its color when the top layer of the rim starts to wear off.
Yellow gold is a good choice if you like color, but do not forget that this metal is softer than platinum or white gold. If durability is important to you, then you should consider 10 or 14 carat gold: the lower the carat of gold, the harder and stronger the alloy.

Rim type.
There are many possible ring frames and the choice, as a rule, comes down to how a particular frame affects the safety and visibility of a diamond. How to choose the best frame for a diamond
The type of frame can significantly affect how the stone will look in the decoration.

In general, the rim, which covers a large part of the stone, visually reduces it. A clip with the help of teeth allows you to select a stone and make it more noticeable on the decoration.
In addition, the frame design affects the amount of light that hits the stone and is reflected from its edges.

If the bartack covers the main part of the stone, this will reduce its brilliance and may make internal flaws more noticeable.
Choosing a specific type of rim, you need to determine which parameters are in priority: the safety or expressiveness of a diamond. The frame, which covers a smaller part of the stone, allows greater access to the light, but on the other hand, it will not be able to protect the stone well from external influence, because the stone is open to damage.

The bezel frame holds the diamonds, surrounding them in the form of strips of metal. This type of framing is one of the safest and is highly recommended if you are concerned that your stones may be damaged.
However, diamonds in such a frame are not as visible as in the teeth. If you care about visibility, partially framing a bezel that does not completely surround the stone is a good solution.

The teeth are the most popular. They leave most of the surface of the diamond visible, and since their structure is relatively simple, they are also one of the cheapest options available.

The disadvantage of the teeth is that they expose a significant part of the surface of the stone to potential shocks. In addition, you must be careful when working with your hands, as the prong can easily catch on clothes or other objects, and in such cases it may bend or break.

The diamonds set in the teeth open almost the entire stone, although how fully depends on the number and shape of the legs. Frames with six and eight V-shaped teeth also do not contribute to the expressiveness of the stone against the background of the decoration. But four krapana will allocate a stone as much as possible and emphasize its advantages and size. A ring with a frame teeth

Among the frames that can visually reduce the size and brilliance of the stone, you can select the dull and channel tack.
Channel framing is also a good choice if you want your diamonds to be safe. In this type of frame, the stone is enclosed in a rim. As with the bezel framing, here you also sacrifice some of the visibility of your diamonds for their safety.

A channel rim holds stones between two metal walls that form a “channel” in which diamonds are placed next to each other. This frame is usually safe, although it shows only the upper edges of the stones that are installed in it.
The ring with the rim of the channel The lack of channel rim is that if the rim bends as a result of the impact, the walls of the channel will twist and will not be able to hold stones firmly.

This problem is very difficult to fix, so if you buy a ring with a channel rim, make sure that you protect it from damage while wearing.
Size of construction.
In addition to the type of frame, the size of the decoration itself plays a big role. The more massive and large construction, the less expressive will be a gem against its background.

He just gets lost in it. In order to prevent this, it is necessary that the size of the installation was comparable to the size of the stone.
On the other hand, if the jewel itself or the ring is too small for a large stone, its disproportion and irrelevance in this product will be noticeable.

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